Common Questions About Our Senior Behavioral Health Program

What are the visiting hours on the Behavioral Health Senior Unit?

  • Visiting hours depend on the patient’s room number. Visiting hours for odd number rooms are Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday 3:45-4:45 pm.  Even number room have visiting hours on Wednesday / Friday / Sunday 3:45 -4:45 pm.  There are no visiting hours on Monday.

What items should patients bring with them at admission?

  • We usually encourage patients to bring 3 days’ worth of comfortable and casual clothes to wear during the day and hospital gowns are available for sleep. It is vital that you have shoes with no-slip soles to reduce the risk of falling. It is important that you bring clothing that does not have strings, ties, or belts. We have laundry available and will make sure you have clean clothing. Due to the nature of patients with cognitive disturbances, lost items are very common. We do have some clothing available for patient use to preserve dignity and avoid lost items.

Can I bring in food for my loved one?

  • Please consult with your loved one’s Social Worker or Nurse before bringing in outside food.

Can I call and speak to a nurse for an update of my loved one?

  • Our Nursing staff is present 24 hours a day. Please understand, our number one concern is for the care of our patients, so we ask for your understanding if you do not receive a call back immediately. You may also reach out to the patient’s social worker for assistance.